Meet Tom Cleary: The man behind "Believe and Obey"

I am a Christian, anarcho-capitalist libertarian pacifist. Spiritually I started out as a shock absorber for some wildly reactionary Catholic nuns. After that I spent time atop a very small soapbox preaching wildly reactionary Catholic dogma. Having realized my plight as a sinner and having grossly fallen short of the glory of God I retreated from the Cross and spent my “40 years” in the wilderness. I reemerged from the dark in early 2002 after having been called back to the Cross by the Holy Spirit. Having survived drunkenness, despair and spiritual decay I thought that I had arrived. 


It was at about the time that I thought that I had arrived I stumbled into the world of financial services and for the next 10 years sold my soul as a willing participant in a system designed to enrich the politically powerful at the expense of those least able to defend themselves.  In 2015 I finally broke free of this trap and pledged that whatever work I did in life it would not be incompatible with the Gospel.  I also came to realize that one never “arrives” (funny how God has a way of unmasking such pretensions) but that one’s faith walk is a lifetime journey and only ends when God calls you home, it is all in His hands not ours.


While sojourning through planet Earth, however, I will endeavor to live more fully into my Gospel call and to give life to my professed faith by greater obedience to His word.  As Bonhoeffer stated, if you believe then you obey.  Therefore, this blog is my meager effort to give obedient voice to those practices that would honor God and my fellow brothers and sisters.


Recognizing that everything I have experienced before is prologue for what lies ahead I feel compelled to offer my voice to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is not more Fundamentalist screed. I reject the Gospel of Fear. I was called back to God to proclaim the love of His son. The Jesus I know, love and follow is radical, subversive and dangerous to the mores of worldly culture. I hope in some small way to do justice to this radical son of a carpenter and the incredible gift He has given humanity.